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Kana Broadcast 051 M.Baumann

December 27th, 2017  |  by  |  published in Feature, Kana Broadcast

Kana Broadcast 051 M.Baumann

Mark Baumann has been an integral contributor to Australia’s electronica scene in both Brisbane and Melbourne throughout the past decade. With much of his success under the guise of Echo Inspectors alongside Lance Harrison, he has consistently constructed intricate sonic promenades as a consequence of sincere effort both inside the studio, and in the sphere […]

Born From A Fluke – Post Scriptum Interview

June 7th, 2017  |  by  |  published in Feature

Born From A Fluke - Post Scriptum Interview

  Contributing work that’s both genuine and unique to today’s broad electronic vista is no easy task. It’s a singular obsession that requires unwavering energy and in most cases, it means questioning and challenging everything that’s proceeded irrespective of risk. Alternative approaches in the company of mediocrity are often the consequence of a realisation through […]

Obscure Resonance – Repose

June 1st, 2017  |  by  |  published in Feature

Obscure Resonance - Repose

– ARTIST(S): Obscure Resonance TITLE: Repose FORMAT: Digital Release date: 1 JUNE 2017 Quite often the most captivating pieces of music you come across aren’t thrown at you or aligned with any expectations. A lot of Gregory Pappas’ work fits into that category no matter how many times you’re caught adrift or distant in thought. […]

Truth Is Silence – Interview

May 19th, 2017  |  by  |  published in Feature

Truth Is Silence - Interview

  As an artist, the vista of electronic music can be for the most part a solitary journey. Long nights of experimentation alone in the studio alongside lengthy transits on tour without meaningful human contact can be testing. Navigating these emotional complexities can be as delicate and convoluted as the work itself. The duo of […]

Dax J Response

April 9th, 2017  |  by  |  published in Feature

Dax J Response

– We’ll make this short. Given the global media response and online presence this incident has generated we feel compelled to provide our own support for Dax J even though he’s proven to be more than capable of communicating it with sincerity and honesty himself. We have worked with him in the past, and our […]

Mondkopf – They Fall but You Don’t

March 12th, 2017  |  by  |  published in Feature

Mondkopf - They Fall but You Don't

– ARTIST(S): Mondkopf TITLE: They Fall but You Don’t LABEL: Paradisum Records CAT n°: IP028 FORMAT: 2 x 12’’ + Digital download RELEASE DATE: NOW The impetus to realise mutually constitutive voyages in your mind will always resonate when you listen to any piece of music that sets itself apart. It’s the rush you get […]

An open letter on compassion, mistakes and the world of drug use.

April 27th, 2015  |  by  |  published in Feature

An open letter on compassion, mistakes and the world of drug use.

– The mistakes that we make and the repercussions we’re confronted with as a result of them define who we all are. It may have been a serious misjudgement in your relationship, drug or alcohol abuse or inadvertently dealing with any serious incident poorly. We’d like to think our response to our inner feelings and […]

Ego & Experimentalism – Yves De Mey Interview

February 19th, 2015  |  by  |  published in Feature

Ego & Experimentalism - Yves De Mey Interview

  It takes a lot to impress people in this scene as the years pass us by but Yves De Mey has done it seamlessly of late, more so than ever. It’s even harder to find someone with a warm honest attitude and approach, and the ability to convey it goes a long way to […]

Edit Select Premiers ‘Blissfully Unaware’ Film Clip

February 17th, 2015  |  by  |  published in Feature

Edit Select Premiers 'Blissfully Unaware' Film Clip

  Kana Films is honoured to announce the official video for ‘Blissfully Unaware’. A beautiful sheet of music taken from Edit Select’s latest album ‘Phlox’ I think most of us can safely bet on the fact that our journey in electronic music, irrespective how it makes us feel now or how much it means to […]

It’s a kind of everything.

January 23rd, 2015  |  by  |  published in Feature

It's a kind of everything.

  Plato described creative people as a necessary source of chaos. Archimedes anticipated the terror of politics riddled with a lack of wonder. Socrates said ‘wisdom begins in imagination’ – and that’s just the ancient world we now live in talking to us from the distant past. It’s amazing how our destiny remains the same, […]