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Belief Defect debut on Raster + PREVIEW

  ARTIST(S): Belief Defect TITLE: Decadent Yet Depraved LABEL: Raster Cat No: r-m 178 FORMAT: CD // Digital RELEASE DATE: August 25th, 2017 »decadent yet depraved«, the debut album by belief defect, finds shelter and complicity in raster as home and label. Familiar with the underground music scene and how its skeptical nature can also […]

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Khalil release debut album on Posh Isolation + PREVIEW

  ARTIST(S): Khalil TITLE: The Water We Drink LABEL: Posh Isolation Cat No: POSHISOLATION195 FORMAT: 12″ // Digital Download RELEASE DATE: August 25th, 2017 ‘The Water We Drink’ is the debut album from Khalil, a close confidante of Posh Isolation, and naturally a project close to the heart. With an iridescent shower of auto-tuned vocals […]

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Tripeo preps the Eighth Trip

  ARTIST(S): Tripeo TITLE: Eighth Trip LABEL: Trip Cat No: TRIP8 FORMAT: 12″ // Digital download RELEASE DATE: September 8th, 2017 Darko Esser returns with two powerful, finely crafted techno pieces on the eighth installment of his Trip series, ‘Eighth Trip’ his first release since 2015. ‘Untitled #15′ drives forward with sullen aggression; eerie morphing […]

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Yves De Mey announces new album as Grey Branches

  ARTIST(S): Grey Branches TITLE: Neuroclaps LABEL: Inner Surface Music Cat No: INNERLP01 FORMAT: 2 x 12″ Double Pack // Digital Download RELEASE DATE: July 17th, 2017 Inner Surface Music are very proud to present the first album on the label from Grey Branches (Yves De Mey). Neuroclaps LP is a journey into the immersive […]

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Alex Tsiridis of Cassegrain debuts on Avian as Rhyw + PREVIEW

  ARTIST(S): Rhyw TITLE: Cave Walls (Part One) LABEL: Avian Cat No: AVN030 FORMAT: 12″ // Digital download RELEASE DATE: July 24th, 2017 The extended EP, which represents the second outing for Tsiridis under this moniker, sees the British producer pit a handful of elastic dance-floor workouts alongside a pair of more experimental, ambient reductions. […]

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Born From A Fluke – Post Scriptum Interview

  Contributing work that’s both genuine and unique to today’s broad electronic vista is no easy task. It’s a singular obsession that requires unwavering energy and in most cases, it means questioning and challenging everything that’s proceeded irrespective of risk. Alternative approaches in the company of mediocrity are often the consequence of a realisation through […]

Obscure Resonance – Repose

– ARTIST(S): Obscure Resonance TITLE: Repose FORMAT: Digital Release date: 1 JUNE 2017 Quite often the most captivating pieces of music you come across aren’t thrown at you or aligned with any expectations. A lot of Gregory Pappas’ work fits into that category no matter how many times you’re caught adrift or distant in thought. […]

ASC & Amandra feature on KONSTRUKT 006 + PREVIEW

  ARTIST(S): ASC | Amandra TITLE: Konstrukt 006 LABEL: Konstrukt Cat No: KON006 FORMAT: 12″ // Digital download RELEASE DATE: June 23rd, 2017 James Clements is the mind behind Auxiliary & the production alias ASC. James has always been a multi-faceted artist & continues to produce music in many genres, with one of his main […]

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DJ Stingray Mixes Kern Vol. 4

  ARTIST(S): Various Artists – Mixed by DJ Stingray TITLE: Kern Vol. 4 LABEL: Tresor Records Cat No: KERN004CD / KERN004LP FORMAT: 2 x 12″ // Digital download // CD RELEASE DATE: July 7th, 2017 To feel the future is to feel the fall into time. Like a kind of transcendental whiplash, the past leans […]

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The SHXCXCHCXSH duo launch new label – Rösten + PREVIEW

  ARTIST(S): SHXCXCHCXSH TITLE: Rösten 1 LABEL: Rösten Cat No: ROSTEN1 FORMAT: 12″ // Digital download RELEASE DATE: June 23, 2017 Shxcxchcxsh are undoubtable masters of vivid techno constructions, which are as heavy as they are refined. No wonder that such sound needs its own platform to be showcased and elaborated upon. That is why […]

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