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Deepbass preps ‘Multiverse’

  ARTIST(S): Deepbass TITLE: Multiverse LABEL: Kontrafaktum CAT n°: Kontrafaktum003 FORMAT: 12″ // Vinyl only RELEASE DATE: April 28th, 2017 KONTRAFAKTUM submerges into the outer depths of mysterious drone-pervaded deep techno. Deriving inspiration from philosophical theories of modality, the label expresses the corresponding metaphysical questions about possibility, necessity, and contingency from an artistic and sonic […]

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Soma Celebrates 25th Anniversary with 5 LP Box Set + JEFF MILLS PREVIEW

  ARTIST(S): Various Artists TITLE: Soma25 LABEL: Soma Records CAT n°: SOMALP113 FORMAT: Limited Edition 5 x Vinyl Box Set RELEASE DATE: April 14th, 2017 Soma Records is inarguably one of Techno’s major forces in 2017 and since it’s inception on the streets of Glasgow, Soma Records has stood for uncompromising quality of the highest […]

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BNJMN launches new label Tiercel + PREVIEW

  ARTIST(S): BNJMN TITLE: Paean LABEL: Tiercel CAT n°: TRCL1 FORMAT: 12″ // Digital download RELEASE DATE: April 28th, 2017 After kicking off the year with Body Reflections pt.1 on Tresor, Berlin-based, Bournemouth-born Ben Thomas aka BNJMN is back with new label Tiercel. As an outlet for floor focused tracks he kicks off the imprint […]

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Jonas Kopp prepares 2nd LP for Tresor ‘Photon Belt’ + PREVIEW

  ARTIST(S): Jonas Kopp TITLE: Photon Belt LABEL: Tresor CAT n°: TRESOR293 FORMAT: 2 x 12’’ // Digital download RELEASE DATE: May 5th, 2017 Jonas Kopp and Tresor have shared a bright and prosperous musical relationship for some years now, propelled further forward with Photon Belt. Following Jonas’ debut album Beyond the Hypnosis in 2014, […]

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The Headless Horseman returns on Tommy Four Seven’s ’47’ imprint

  ARTIST(S): Headless Horseman TITLE: 47009 LABEL: 47 CAT n°: 47009 FORMAT: 12″ // Digital download RELEASE DATE: April 14th 2017 Headless Horseman made his first appearance on the 2016 Various Artist EP, 47006 with his contribution, ‘At The Gates’, alongside artists Phase Fatale, Stephanie Sykes and Tommy himself. Now back with a 4 track […]

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Shawn O’Sullivan returns to Avian as 400PPM with debut LP, ‘Fit for Purpose’ + Giveaway

  ARTIST(S): 400PPM TITLE: Fit for Purpose LABEL: Avian CAT n°: AVNLP004 FORMAT: 2 x 12’’ // Digital download RELEASE DATE: May 15th, 2017 As an artist, O’Sullivan has long since explored the juncture between hard-hitting, functional dance floor material and more lofty, conceptual work. From a purely structural standpoint, the artist’s return to Avian […]

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Mondkopf – They Fall but You Don’t

– ARTIST(S): Mondkopf TITLE: They Fall but You Don’t LABEL: Paradisum Records CAT n°: IP028 FORMAT: 2 x 12’’ + Digital download RELEASE DATE: NOW The impetus to realise mutually constitutive voyages in your mind will always resonate when you listen to any piece of music that sets itself apart. It’s the rush you get […]

Marco Shuttle releases full length on Spazio Disponibile + PREVIEW

  ARTIST(S): Marco Shuttle TITLE: SYSTHEMA LABEL: Spazio Disponibile CAT n°: Spazio LP001 FORMAT: 2 x 12’’ // Digital download RELEASE DATE: May 9th, 2017 Having already released one outstanding album in 2014 Visione on his imprint Eerie, Marco Shuttle is ready to unleash a new full-length that testifies to his diverse talents as a […]

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Lucy Debuts on new !K7 offshoot label – Zehnin + PREVIEW

  ARTIST(S): Lucy TITLE: The Hermit / The High Priestess LABEL: Zehnin CAT n°: ZEHNIN01 FORMAT: 12″ // Digital Download RELEASE DATE: March 24th, 2017 The essential and ever-evolving !K7 collective is adding a new label to its family in the form of Zehnin. The fantastic first release is an absorbing two tracker by one […]

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Raster-Noton Release ARCHIVE 4 CD alongside SOURCE BOOK 1

  ARTIST(S): VA TITLE: Archive 4 CD + Source Book 1 LABEL: Raster-Noton CAT n°: r-n 175 FORMAT: Book + CD RELEASE DATE: March 17, 2017 The publication »source book 1« represents the beginning of a comprehensive and authorized review of the past 20 years of the label raster-noton. a short introductory preface by olaf […]

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