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Adam Gillett

Few can claim to be at the forefront of pushing fresh electronic music onto a global audience whilst maintaining the integrity of the sound they’ve become renowned for. Let’s compress the concept of psychedelic influenced Progressive and the straight up drug-induced techno rhythms, broadcast it over a low-band surveillance system onto shattered glass that reflects it’s complex aspects back onto itself and we’re still only left with the small abstract image in Adam Gillett.

After experiencing extensive local exposure through some of the more prominent parties in Brisbane it was only a matter of time before Adam faced a national audience. Triple J’s “MixUp” / “The Club” radio programs are unquestionably considered as the sole definitive taxi to expose artists across the country and in the Spring of 2004 the national broadcaster took to his sound not only once, but extended a second invitation merely months afterwards. Backing up these groundbreaking progressive compilations the program sought an insight into his abilities and achievements through a quite personal interview – Australia could now place Adam’s drive, character and all that it encompasses, to a national profile.

Only attention of this magnitude could induce a headline inclusion at Australia’s flagship underground festival “Earthcore” alongside fellow artists Michael Mayer, DJ Krush, John 00 Fleming, Raja Ram and that’s not even halfway to paying the lineup justice. As expected however, an artist with such motivation is never truly satisfied and after being involved with promoting numerous events it all came down to one moment that’s still considered an incomprehensible achievement: Ok Kana. Late 2007 saw the birth of this underground event alongside his fellow co-founder Elliot Clarke and its left field characteristics attained praise and respect from the entire electronic scene. The parties relied on the dedication to pack up pieces of the studio, get it all mobile and then traffic it into remote urban environments which as you can imagine set the stage for an out of this world experience. From central industrial car parks to riverside walkways and inner city bridges, the city was painted with the music that wasn’t being aired in the club scene.

Australia’s underground exports have been at the forefront of assimilating their sound over the past decade and with Adam’s recent location to London he’s quickly asserted his presence, not to mention his recent musical partnership with budding UK producer Justin Margovan. With the success he established in the co-founding of Kana Presents, Adam’s now solely promoting the London leg of the Kana events. His injection of commitment and passion has influenced the direction of the Brisbane base, with the parties playing host to the likes of Joris Voorn, Pig & Dan, Supermayer and Alex Smoke in early 2008 alone.

You could be forgiven for thinking Adam Gillett is fresh off a global tour and skipping around some of the biggest labels in the industry after comprehending his achievements, because it’s really only a matter of time before its entrenched into the routine of one of the most forward thinking and innovative artists London now plays host to.