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About Kana

Kana was founded on the 30th of September 2007 in Brisbane, Australia, by Adam and myself.  Soon after Leo was a frontline co-conspirator and finally George joined us fulltime.  Using mass SMS mail-outs, we coordinated the first event via mobile phones so those attending knew where the party was only a few hours before it commenced in an industrial public space.  It was an attempt to incite a pursuit of everything that encapsulates why we got caught up in electronic music to begin with and brought on the rush and chaos associated with it all.

The first event still resonates with us as being one of most amazing things we’ve ever done.  Soon after, within minutes, we had reconfigured train stations, bridges, riverside concrete gardens and cliff points into flash-point electronica parties.

Still after all these years and now what seems to be a continuous reenactment of those halcyon days, we’ve worked with, hosted and promoted, some of the artists we think so highly of.  To name a few would be a bit of an injustice to how much they’ve shaped and defined us.  And not just musically.  The personal impacts of being immersed in something you care a lot about directly catalyses the furtherance of your own world and the direct consequence of this positively impacts the people in your life.

And that’s why this has always been about making people dream and pushing them to challenge their creative discourse irrespective of the medium – at a fundamental level it’s all about what’s going on when all the pretty lights turn off and you’re left trying to make sense of how you’re going to instigate your own assault on the things you love doing… and that is all that matters.

Dream on.

– Elliot Clarke, February 2013

info [at] okkana [dot] com