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Serena Butler launches Bene Tleilax imprint + PREVIEW

September 5th, 2017  |  Published in News

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ARTIST(S): Serena Butler
TITLE: From The Cloud To Our Bodies
LABEL: Bene Tleilax
Cat No: BNTXL001
FORMAT: 12″ // Digital download
RELEASE DATE: September 29th, 2017

Almost a year has passed since the ghost of Serena Butler made its appearance on the Eerie realms of Marco Shuttle’s label. Now s/he and other beings gave birth to a new continuum, called Bene Tleilax, where Serena’s second EP was conceived, From The Cloud To Our Bodies.

Dub visions and found sound sculptures oat over a maelstrom of skeletal techno remains, together with delicate melodies and vocal swarms from a realm where nothing is so sacred that it cannot be reengineered and transformed. A release who seizes alienation as impetus to generate new worlds, still counter-trend to certain dark souls in modern electronic music. Another biomechanical effort which sounds as the perfect nexus of fluid hopes and unparalleled roles.


A1 / 1. Your Past. Your Future. Your Very Light
A2 / 2. Brane New World, Thas Has Such Creatures In It
B1 / 3. A Place Where Souls May Mend Your Ailing Mind
B2 / 4. Where Fire Resideth, Shadows Twist And Shrivel

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