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Obscure Resonance – Repose

June 1st, 2017  |  Published in Feature


ARTIST(S): Obscure Resonance
TITLE: Repose
FORMAT: Digital
Release date: 1 JUNE 2017

Quite often the most captivating pieces of music you come across aren’t thrown at you or aligned with any expectations. A lot of Gregory Pappas’ work fits into that category no matter how many times you’re caught adrift or distant in thought. His previous work as OKADA has often found its way to calling the n5MD imprint home, though of late it’s as a result of self distribution, much in the same way this project operates. Each of the ambient pieces have their own story. The entire hour of sonic experience is compartmentalised into just three segments. You be easily mistaken to conclude that they could individually substitute as a beautiful soundtrack for the entirety of a short film dedicated to the vision of Cosmic confluence.

It’s a wonderful release. You can stream it or buy it here.

Track list –

1. drifter 23:15 mins
2. stillness 13:50 mins
3. distant 22:49 mins