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Soma Celebrates 25th Anniversary with 5 LP Box Set + JEFF MILLS PREVIEW

March 24th, 2017  |  Published in News

SOMALP113 Artwork


ARTIST(S): Various Artists
TITLE: Soma25
LABEL: Soma Records
FORMAT: Limited Edition 5 x Vinyl Box Set
RELEASE DATE: April 14th, 2017

Soma Records is inarguably one of Techno’s major forces in 2017 and since it’s inception on the streets of Glasgow, Soma Records has stood for uncompromising quality of the highest level in every area it operates.
Label figureheads Slam formed the label in 1991 together with friends Glenn Gibbons & Dave Clarke and subsequently forged one of electronic music’s most widely known and well-respected

labels. Soma quickly began to develop its own sound with classics such as Slam’s timeless ‘Positive Education’ and helped launch the careers of many great artists like Surgeon, Envoy, Funk D’Void, Silicone Soul and Alex Smoke as well as the discovery of French

duo Daft Punk who released their first rudimentary, raw outings on the label back in 1994.
With their eyes firmly fixed on a vision of the future, Soma began the quest to instil their unquenchable passion and thirst for electronic music onto the world around them.

Box Set

Soma have enlisted the likes of Jeff Mills, Robert Hood, Steve Bicknell, Andrew Weatherall (appearing as Woodleigh Research Facility), Blawan, Adam Beyer and more to provide brand new musical excursions for today’s dance floors and beyond. These, coupled with many of today’s new, up and coming names in the techno genre like Kobosil, VRIL & Jonas Kopp choosing their favourite tracks from the Soma back catalogue to remix sees Soma’s futuristic vision remaining strong with the celebration of 25 years being one of a forward thinking nature rather than one of nostalgia.

Ostgut’s Kobosil brings Slam’s ‘Visions’ into the prevailing drone-ebbed world, the veiled VRIL douses the timeless ‘X Track’ by Percy X in his dubbed out demeanour and Jonas Kopp’s EBM workout of another Slam classic, ‘Stepback’ creates the standpoint for the project: “Always forward, never back”. Jeff Mills’ provides otherworldly connections with ‘A Tale From The Parallel Universe’, Weatherall delivers future/retro acid and Josh Wink unleashes a 9min epic dance floor burner. Robert Hood provides a straight up, fast paced dance floor workout; all coming together to form the collective consciousness of the Soma attitude.

Slam deliver ‘Tempest’, a track that perfectly sums up the whirlwind last few years the pair have enjoyed as they continue to be at the forefront of the global Techno elite. Completing the assemblage of original tracks is Soma’s own Funk D’Void, bringing his unique brand of jacked up electronics with ‘808 Planet’.


A1. Robert Hood – The Bond We Formed
A2. Jeff Mills – A Tale From the Parallel Universe
B1. Daft Punk – Drive (Slam Modular Interpretation)
B2. Adam Beyer – Just Things
C1. Blawan – Clipper
C2. The Woodleigh Research Facility – S.O.M.A 25
D. Josh Wink – Synodic Period
E1. Slam – Stepback (Jonas Kopp Remix)
E2. Slam – Visions (Kobosil Remix)
F. Percy X – X Track (Vril Remix 2)
G1. Slam – Tempest
G2. Steve Bicknell – Mind Cycles
H. Funk D’Void – 808 Planet
I. Joe Stawarz – Cry (Deepchord Remix)
J. Joe Stawarz – Beebear. (Deepchord Remix)

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