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Mondkopf – They Fall but You Don’t

March 12th, 2017  |  Published in Feature


ARTIST(S): Mondkopf
TITLE: They Fall but You Don’t
LABEL: Paradisum Records
CAT n°: IP028
FORMAT: 2 x 12’’ + Digital download

The impetus to realise mutually constitutive voyages in your mind will always resonate when you listen to any piece of music that sets itself apart. It’s the rush you get when you’re exposed to something challenging in a world of electronic music that often leaves a little to be desired at times. The saturation is often suffocating. You want that extra hit. You want to feel like you’re somewhere else. It’s that escape in a story world. We’re all junkies high on a sonic binge. Right? This release from Paul Régimbeau (Mondkopf) and the crew over at Paradisum have constructed an intricate Cosmic journey that would be a suitable soundtrack to your life ending at the event horizon of a black hole imbedded within the finality of space and time.

Toulouse born, his ventures have foreclosed a dark experiment in what it means to be real. What it means to expedite and express art in a medium void of expectations. His previous work and collaborations (Autrenoir,Violent Magic Orchestra with Vampilla & Pete Swanson, Foudre!, Oiseaux-Tempêtes) have provided an apt base to settle a fresh wave of exploration. Dope release – Buy / Preview


Vivere, Parte I
Vivere, Parte II
Vivere, Parte III


Vivere, Parte VI
Vivere, Parte V
Vivere, Finale