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Jonas Kopp prepares 2nd LP for Tresor ‘Photon Belt’ + PREVIEW

March 17th, 2017  |  Published in News

TRESOR293 Artwork


ARTIST(S): Jonas Kopp
TITLE: Photon Belt
LABEL: Tresor
FORMAT: 2 x 12’’ // Digital download
RELEASE DATE: May 5th, 2017

Jonas Kopp and Tresor have shared a bright and prosperous musical relationship for some years now, propelled further forward with Photon Belt.

Following Jonas’ debut album Beyond the Hypnosis in 2014, accompanied by the Red Plented EP (2014) and the HHH EP (2015), the Argentinian artist delivers a new full-length to the Berlin’s legendary imprint which will release on May 5th on double vinyl and digital formats.

This new opus is dedicated to a cosmic phenomenon our solar system experiences every 11,000 years. The photon belt is a band of intense light energy into which our star and its planets moves into for a duration of about 2,000 years. As part of the Pledian star group, our sun circles around the star named Alcyon, itself located at all times in the photon belt. Other stars, including ours, move in and out of it for varying periods of time, depending on their orbit.

Our way into the belt has already begun and will continue over the next five years. The result? Mankind in its darkest hour paralleled with consciousness rising to further dimensions. Expect a thoughtful and mature labor from Jonas Kopp’s mesmerizing 10-track journey, on which the Argentine’s contemporary methods in production meet traditional techno constituents. Throughout the album, different sidereal interludes arch over to his Telluric Lines side project, which he presented at the 2016 edition of the Berlin Atonal festival. Crucial titles such as “Galactic Core”, “Aile”, the eponymous “Photon Belt” and “5D World” are set to leave a large footprint in the continuous sequence of electronic music.


A1. Electrons Splitting
A2. Projections From Alcyone
A3. Tuning Frequency
B1. Galactic Core
B2. Aile
C1. Photon Belt
C2. Into the Manasic Belt
C3. Bridge To The Stars
D1. Taygeta
D2. 5D World

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