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Varg – Nordic Flora Series Pt.3: Gore-Tex City + PREVIEW

January 23rd, 2017  |  Published in News

NE39 Artwork


TITLE: Nordic Flora Series Pt.3: Gore-Tex City
LABEL: Northern Electronics
CAT n°: NE39
FORMAT: 12″ // Digital Download
RELEASE DATE: March 27th, 2017

The familiar registers of Varg’s work are here, but the chaos has never been this enterprising. Stealth dance floor assaults are layered with lobotomised, spoken word meetings in malls, and free-form electronics pepper acoustic bereavement motifs. It shifts from heavy to chronic as blown-speaker-rap stubs out cigarettes in gated techno enclosures. It’s an evocation of some kind of disturbance that will amount to something singular, purposeful and sure-footed, so consider this a warning.

Taking the breadth of genres and methods that are found in the sediment of his work, Varg envelopes all the terrain that he can with as much as he can. Yet the Nordic Flora Series pays vexing hassle to its enabling systems. With it, Varg is coasting his own way through, and in doing so breaches conventions that help keep the whole in check. The series is a bit of a fuck off, but it’s a smirking fuck off. It’s a set, slowly revealing its hand, a dialogue with what will only becomes apparent in time.

There’s a rush, and you’ll lose your footing, so orientate yourself in the space. Varg’s already disappeared, but the flowers are just starting to bloom.


A1 / 01 Champagne Ceremonies
A2 / 02 Yamanote Line (原宿)
A3 / 03 Platforms Surrounded by Fences (EU)
A4 / 04 Forever 21 / Valium with Chloe Wise

B1 / 05 Red Line (114 Östermalmstorg – 127 Vårberg) with Matti Bye, Christian Augustin & Henrik Söderström
B2 / 06 I Hope You are Still There (新宿御苑)
B3 / 07 Blue Line (112 Rådhuset) with AnnaMelina

C1 / 08 Fonus with Drew McDowall & Alessandro Cortini
C2 / 09 Snake City / Maserati music
C3 / 10 Red Line II (127 Sätra C) 4 with Yung Lean

D1 / 11 Euros & Euros & Euros (EBG) with F. Valentin & Chloe Wise
D2 / 12 Gore-Tex シティ
D3 / 13 Stockholm City (Drottninggatan, Sergels torg)