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Lars Hemmerling releases ‘Space Bolero’ on Fullpanda + PREVIEW

December 9th, 2016  |  Published in News



ARTIST(S): Lars Hemmerling
TITLE: Space Bolero
LABEL: Fullpanda
CAT n°: FP023
FORMAT: 12″ // Digital Download
RELEASE DATE: Vinyl (12.12.2016) // Digital (27.12.2016)

Lars Hemmerling, who performs alongside Dasha Rush in their Live Act LADA, will release his debut solo EP on Fullpanda.

The title track ‘Space Bolero’ doesn’t consist of many elements. Nor does a vast majority of well executed electronic music. However the elements that it does contain all melt together to create power, purpose and restraint. Envelopes open steadily across a menacing synth line while acidic flourishes look for opportunities to surface for air. Smatterings of reverb float above delicate hi hats that simmer nicely beneath the mix. Compound this complexity and you’re left with the type of hypnotism and tension that will induce any well informed crowd.

‘Escape’, which is aptly titled, has a throbbing lead line which vibrates at a low threshold in its attempts to break free from confinement, while reverberating hats and a procession of cascading tonal droplets circle amongst the angst. Once the tension breaks, the filter on the underpinning synth line begins to open wider and things begin to intensify.

The EP closes its account with sheets of suspended ambience. ‘No Gravity’ possesses calming chords that deliver a sense of ease and allow for a delicate landing after the chaos that preceded it.

It’s easy to understand why Lars Hemmerling isn’t in a rush to release a truckload of music under his own name. When your content is this good, you don’t have to.


A1. Space Bolero
B2.No Gravity

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