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Edit Select Premiers ‘Blissfully Unaware’ Film Clip

February 17th, 2015  |  Published in Feature



Kana Films is honoured to announce the official video for ‘Blissfully Unaware’. A beautiful sheet of music taken from Edit Select’s latest album ‘Phlox’

I think most of us can safely bet on the fact that our journey in electronic music, irrespective how it makes us feel now or how much it means to us after all these years, is closely solidified around the likes of May and his conspirators. Tony Scott isn’t any different in that respect though his vision most certainly is. It’s perhaps those moments of purpose and impetus that curated and established the framework for his raids on CLR, Stroboscopic Artefakts, Ostgut Ton, Prologue and Outis Music. As another new year begins, things don’t seem to be receding and you’ll be able to throw Motoguzzi Records amongst those alongside partner in crime Dino Sabatini.

Edit Select – Blissfully Unaware Official Video

Listen to Phlox

Article: George Alatakis, Tuesday February 17, 2014
Intro: Elliot Clarke
Web Engineer: Adam Gillett
Blissfully Unaware Video: Cut and interpreted by George Alatakis for Kn Films

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