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Kana Broadcast 049 Marcelus

October 30th, 2014  |  Published in Kana Broadcast  |  2 Comments

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Paris, France is home for us this week. The citadel has been fairly influential along with it’s European counterparts in securing a healthy contribution to the world of electronic music, and as a new armada of artists emerge from the region, it feels as though you’re getting pulled into a mutating landscape of sonic aesthetics and productive militant ideology. Our guest this week epitomises that impetus for change.

Not even 2 weeks ago his Shine EP was transmitted by distributors from Tresor Records, and his own imprint Singular Records is also playing host to its own success, lining up the likes of The Parallel, Claudia Anderson and Modry as well as himself. With regular bookings across Europe and what we hope will be an incursion deeper globally as 2015 rolls over us, it has solidified his presence among those that are really making a difference at the moment, and it’s certainly done with sincere intent. It feels as though we’re only just at the doorstep of a much more complex and expansive disposition.

Kana Broadcast 049 is directed by Marcelus.


Kn: Before we get into this Cedric, where are you right now in life from your own perspective?

M: It’s hard to tell, I’ve got a part time job alongside music, sometimes i d like to be able to just make music and dj you know and sometimes i feel it’s also a great balance to have something else, but i ll come to a transition point soon i guess, I feel great about what happened to me in the techno scene, i went much further that i would ever think of honestly, for now i just keep doing what make sense to me, what i love.

Kn: Lets start at the beginning. Where did it all begin for you from a production standpoint? When did you know this was going to be your life? You blew the scene away with EP1 and EP2 on DJ Deep’s Deeply Rooted imprint and thats been well documented, but lets talk about the lead up to that moment.

M: I started in the late 90’s with what i could find at the time, and it was games literally, nothing serious at all and i really knew nothing about nothing, i just played with the computer when i had free time, a hobby really, then naturally along the way it became more serious, and especialy around mid-2000’s cause i started mixing also at that point, that was a big step i think. Well yes i knew that it would be important in my life since the 90’s, but I didn’t know how. then yes the next step was the very first EP with DJ Deep, actually it was at a time where i wasn’t making music anymore, almost, i wasn’t going out that much, but there was a transition, the time where raw techno came back, i had some tracks left in the computer so i took my chance and shared these with him, we met and after few months it became the EP1. It has been a long ride, i just kept practicing and learning during all these years until that point, like a natural progression i guess.

Kn: Congratulations on the forthcoming release on Tresor. Tell us a little more behind the idea of the ‘Shine’ EP. How did you feel about the record when you were working on it?

M: Thank you! I didn’t have a real idea in mind honestly, i took more time than as usual i think for making it but no i didn’t plan anything, i could sometimes, and i ll probably make conceptual projects too in the future, but for this one i just let things happened and try to enjoy a maximum. I felt extremely great, i’m happy when i find something that i think is interesting you know, i always try to do my best, and also i think the track “Shine” is probably one of the best i did until now.

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Kn: This will be your third release on the label and you’re also a resident. How did the partnership come about and how does that tie into your own personal direction and consciousness?

M: I would say it has been fluid! very simple actually, after my first records with DJ Deep, they contacted me for playing at the club and Paulo asked me some tracks for the label. Obviously it’s special because Tresor is something important for Techno music, they are still here after so many years, i don’t really know how it affects me, i just feel great about it, or privileged in a way, that’s for sure.

Kn: You launched Singular Records in 2012. What is it that you ultimately wish to achieve with the label, both from a narrative and musical perspective, and what specifically is the idea behind it?

M: In my mind the label is a projection of my tastes, i think at some point, most of djs want to contribute, and so do i, then helping other producers you love expressing themselves like Claudia for instance, it feels great, it’s also the feeling of giving birth to something you know, i don’t have big pretensions, i want to share the music i’m into but i would say it’s a bit more personal there.

Kn: Having now the experience of working alongside DRH and Tresor, how do you work alongside the artists on Singular to both develop the idea of the label and also the development of the artists both musically and personally?

M: I am becoming tougher when it comes to make decisions, just like for myself, for my own music, but i try not to put useless pressure on them, they are not me, they work their own way and so on, and i’m learning a lot myself, it’s a bit different from my previous experiences actually.

Kn: A lot of your music varies in textures, drums and structures. You said in an interview recently that your productions aren’t based on a certain ‘style’ and you don’t try to find yourself within the context of production. Can you elaborate on that for us and tell us what the production process means for you?

M: That’s right, i don’t care about it, having my own sound or a style or what, it doesn’t mean much to me, this is very easy to do, using the same recipe in the end, it’s more of an ego trip i guess, without saying you have to change the world or something, changing a basis, trying different sounds is the minimum i can do…. Now i know people like that, well i could make fifteen versions of my track “Perception” for instance, maybe it would be cool at first but then i would probably die from boredom.

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Kn: Whats really been your focus of late and where’s it going, be it the label or your own creative ventures outside of that?

M: You mean a goal? i don’t know what to tell you exactly, for now i am enjoying the ride, i ll see where it goes. I used to plan a lot of things in the past, now i am just a bit more flexible.

Kn: Is there anything you’ve got in the pipeline that we need to be across? Releases, tours, project news etc?

M: Yes i’ve got a track coming out soon on MDR, on a various artists project which is great, there is a remix i did for Krill, and lots of work on Singular.


George Alatakis, October 22nd 2014

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