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Heiko Laux Set To Release 5th Solo Album

October 7th, 2014  |  Published in News

Fernweh Artwork


ARTIST(S): Heiko Laux
TITLE: Fernweh
LABEL: Kanzleramt
CAT n°: KA167
FORMAT: 2 x 12” // Digital Download
RELEASE DATE: November 27th, 2014

Over the past 20 years, Heiko Laux has moulded Kanzleramt into one of the most diverse techno labels strongly operating in the scene today. Spanning releases from the likes of Surgeon, all the way through to the murky sounds of Ricardo Villalobos, Heiko Laux has shown that diverse quality music can be released in the measure of context. It’s also been home to a catalogue of exceptional original cuts, with that catalogue growing even stronger with the release of his 5th solo Album, in celebration of 20 years of operation.

Keeping consistent to his style, rhythmically challenging patterns flutter throughout the album making it a solid, coherent 8-piece composition. Hints of Detroit techno permeate the collection with drastic chord changes that gently tinker with the boundary between techno and trance.

It is with great passion and experience that Heiko Laux is able to bring to us such an emotive and climactic selection as Kanzleramt continues to occupy the abyss in today’s techno culture.


A1 / 1. Brace
A2 / 2. Hexagon
B1 / 3. Fernweh
B2 / 4. Neutron
C1 / 5. There There C2 / 6. Shimmer D1 / 7. Rowing
D2 / 8. Align