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Jeff Mills – Emerging Crystal Universe

August 16th, 2014  |  Published in News

Jeff Mills

ARTIST(S): Jeff Mills
RELEASE: Emerging Crystal Universe
DATE: December 2014
LABEL: Axis Records

This is the next instalment in the ‘Sleeper Wakes’ project on Mills’ Axis Records. The underlying purpose of the release is to explore sonic stories with depth, cosmic theory, and a transfer of state from visual experimentation. No doubt the concepts behind it will become more apparent when it lands in December. In the mean time, Jeff Mills tours Australia in October – his Melbourne show with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra is the one you should be at.


01. Entering (The Crystal Universe)
02. Phantom Stars
03. Stellar Black Connector
04. Crossing The Inner Threshold
05. Common Space
06. The Advent
07. Hexagons, Chants And Lights
08. Mass Elliptical Orbits
09. Reversing The Cosmic Theory