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Allen – Gravity (M_RECLTD22)

August 30th, 2014  |  Published in News


ARTIST(S): Allen
DATE: September 29

Late September is the date American producer Allen makes his debut showing for the M_REC roster and it’s refreshing to feel that deep drugged movement whilst still appealing heavily to the dance floor. The picks are ‘Gravity Assist’, which cements the vibe of the record with dark space orientated signals, and ‘Kepler’ that rolls in from what feels like a heavily restricted interstellar border crossing. The label is fronting some of the better stuff that’s out there at the moment and this record solidifies it even more so as we move deeper into the solar system – Listen here.

Tracklist –

A1 – Gravity Assist
A2 – EM26
B1 – MH370
B2 – Kepler