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Andromeda Festival – First Round Announcement

July 31st, 2014  |  Published in News  |  2 Comments


Andromeda 2014 – Open air electronica festival, November 22 – 23

We’ve spent quite a lot of time getting this ready leading up to the event date of November 22/23, but we’re ready to release some of the more important information you’ll need to be a part of Andromeda. Below you’ll find information regarding ticketing, camping, and the purpose and ethos of what you’ll be contributing to. Being a boutique electronica festival, we promote the idea of catalysing the creative vices of various art mediums – it’s imperative to being inspired. It really doesn’t matter if you write, paint, or take photos of the night sky by yourself late at night as the stars drift over us. It’s a base for creativity. Having that attachment to the ideology of a futuristic community is critical to fulfilling the ethos of Andromeda, and that requires you to let go of everything you think you know about the world, and even yourself in its own place in time. That’s where it all lives really, somewhere in your own mind.

The music at this festival is obviously a part of the broader concept of what this experience encompasses, and it’s really important that we have a policy that supports that ideology. Our headline internationals, and even the rest those on the first announcement have been chosen because they produce and/or play some of the more edgier music on the global scene. We don’t support average contributions or tried, tested and saturated musical formula.

First Round International & Interstate – 2014 Andromeda Lineup

Jonas Kopp (Traut Muzik/Argentina)

Darko Esser (DJ Set) +

Tripeo (LIVE) – (Tripeo/Netherlands)

Ernestas Sadau (Digital Tsunami/UK)

Craig McWhinney (Haul/Melbourne)

Kloke (Styles Upon Styles/Melbourne)

Sebastian Bayne (IF? Records/Sydney)

Magda Bytnerowicz (4our/Sydney)


Camping & Ticketing

Early birds: $95 + B/F (These will go on sale this month)

This includes your pass for 2 days and 2 nights of camping – Saturday night and Sunday night, as the event will be commencing at midday on Saturday and finishing very late Sunday night. There are hot showers, adequate onsite toilets, and a large parking space. Due to the camping grounds and space, you won’t be able to park in the campgrounds next to your tent. The distance from the grounds to the parking area is minimal.


Ivory’s Rock is located 20 minutes from Ipswich and 45 minutes south west of Brisbane or an hour’s expressway drive from Brisbane International/Domestic Airport. Ivory’s Rock is a 90 minute drive from the Gold Coast taking the Logan Motorway.

Travelling from Brisbane – Take the Ipswich Highway (15) to Goodna and then the Cunningham Highway (15) towards Warwick and Amberley. After 15kms, take the Boonah exit and turn left on the Boonah-Ipswich road to Boonah. Mt Flinders Road is about 13kms on the left; Ivory’s Rock, currently signposted as Ivory’s Rock Conference Centre is about 3.5kms down this road.

Travelling from the South – From the Pacific Highway take the Logan Motorway (north of Beenleigh) towards Ipswich. Continue towards Ipswich until the motorway joins the Ipswich Motorway at Gailes, and then follow the directions as if travelling from Brisbane.



The festival site will be activated before ticketing will be released. If you wish to make a manual submission for either art, music, food vendors, or anything you think fits the ethos of what the festival encompasses, please contact us at


The idea of tomorrow is the most apt space in your own imagination that we could host this in. There’s very few places where you feel that energy of contribution, and the electricity that pulses through the very nerve endings of the place that makes you dream the most. Futhermore, it’s important to recognise the basic principals of what’s important to us and everyone that’s a part of it. It’d be irresponsible of us not to acknowledge some of the more meaningful aspects you’ll be intertwined with.


How you interact with everyone and the world we all live in brings on that connectivity of letting everything you’re a part of impact you. Allowing the concept of immediacy and the rush of being pulled into a different world is a life changing moment, and we encourage everyone to get lost in that thought. The headspace of what you’ll take away from this isn’t limited to anything at all, only your own idea of what it means to you.



The world we live in and what you do within it is nothing without this, so it’s imperative that we look after it and the event space throughout the duration of the festival. We go into the weekend with a beautiful space and that’s how we’ll always leave it behind. Please use your own common sense when making decisions about your waste and what you’ve brought with you. Keep your own camping space clean, and be mindful of your cigarette butts and your used alcohol cups.

People & Respect

It’s important to live out a harmony with everyone else and contribute to that futuristic idea of what Andromeda means to everyone, so it’s a minimum expectation that everyone keeps that thought with them throughout the event.

  • Joel Jackson

    Awesome news on location, line up and concept guys! Amped for this one !!

  • Alex

    Wow. Looks magical. Great depth and concept.