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Dino Sabatini & Edit Select – Mnemosyne EP

April 26th, 2014  |  Published in News

Edit Select and Dino Sabatini



ARTIST(S): Dino Sabatini & Edit Select
LABEL: Outis Music

This is a really good example of talking about a record in context, rather than just describing its sound for the purpose of generic content, of which so many outlets fall into it. Both Edit Select (Tony Scott) & Dino Sabatini share a pretty close friendship, and it shows after the concept for this record was born in Paris after they spent time together after backing up from “Survivors Of The Pulse” released on Edit Select’s Prologue Music LP “Phlox”. You see that across other artists too that share a close friendship where their work synchronises without too much effort. It’s definitely a ‘101’ on collaboration. Terpsichore is my pick, and it feels as though Edit Select has given his own influence on a track that could have worked well on Dino’s Shamans Path. If you think about it like that, perhaps the ancient mythology associated with the record fits just fine.

No date has been set for this, but keep your ear to the ground.

Tracklist –

“Terpsichore” – To the he Goddess of Dance I’d offer this track with its controversial rhythm and detailed sensual overtones.
“Euterpe” – Goddess of Music and in our case seen in terms of “techno music”, a mix of pure energy and imagination and this track I believe has these two features. Deep, straight and hypnotic.
“Urania” – This track I would like to dedicate to the Goddess of Astronomy, fluctuating, harmonious and… buon viaggio.

Elliot Clarke – Saturday April 26, 2014