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Kana Broadcast 044 Mareena

March 3rd, 2014  |  Published in Broadcasts

It’s no secret that Tresor has been a flagship base for the Techno movement in Europe over the past two decades. That ‘true spirit’ really does drive the soul of those who are a part of it, whether you’re an artist, booker, punter, or otherwise. This weeks guest supports that with pretty firm evidence of a deeper intent to fulfil that vista that’s primarily a result of her honest and genuine impetus to make those around her happy. It’s her life force that’s so obvious with every interaction you have with her, and that’s probably more important than anything. From moving to Berlin in 2004, she’s not only worked hard to solidify her residency at Tresor, but she also doubles the workload by booking and hosting the schedule for Wednesday’s ‘New Faces’ night, designed to uncover and promote those up and coming artists that really do deserve some attention. And that says a lot about someones character, really.

With her debut Australian tour kicking off this weekend, and her lining up previously for the ‘kn.transit’ video series, we couldn’t think of a better time to host Mareena as she fronts for Kana Broadcast 044.

Kn: Tell us where you are in life right now, from your own perspective?

M: After several personal and vocational changes, I´m on the right track.

Kn: Lets wind the clock back to the beginning Mareena. Where were those first connections made with electronic music that sparked the career you’ve forged so far?

M: Briefly said, I had my first experiences with electronic music and clubs in my early youth and this time inspired me a lot. My sister showed me some tapes with house music and I wanted more… The first techno Album I bought was “Rok-Defender”, and I loved it. There were also some parties in our youth club on the weekends, the DJ´s mostly played “Dance Mania” related stuff and I was fascinated by this raw and percussive music and Dj’ing per se. Accordingly, I got to know a person who introduced me to mixing records.

Kn: At the beginning of every special journey in electronic music there are moments, some personal and some shared with others that catalyze the furtherance and development of what is to become. Can you share any of those moments that you experienced early on that still resonate clearly with you today?

M: When I was really young and was always sneaking into clubs, I couldn´t belive what happens at techno events. I think I had couple of confusing moments but also some really good ones. One of them was a set by DJ Rush, what an energy in a Dj Set. And of course when I moved to Berlin in 2004.


Kn: We spoke about your relationship with Tresor and your role as resident and one of the bookers for the ‘New Faces’ night during the Kn.Transit Mini-Doc we released last year. In your opinion what’s the most important aspect that you’re doing there or continually working on achieving?

M: The most important aspect is to support people who definitely deserve more attention in the scene. There are so many talents out there and it is a shame that some of them rarely have a chance to play in clubs. The techno scene can sometimes be really incestuous and musicians who don´t belong to a specific posse remain undiscovered.

Kn: …and what have you discovered about yourself in the process?

M: I met a lot of inspiring, eager and passionated people who played outstanding sets and it motivates me a lot to improve. The vibe is just so different on a newcomer night.

Kn: When your in between weekends gigs, what is it that calms your soul during the week?

M: I maintain my balance with Yoga and sports but priceless are the series and movie marathons including “Ben & Jerry’s” Ice cream with my partner. And if I have some more time, I love travelling.

Kn: How’s the industry vista looking from your perspective at the moment? Having lived in Berlin for 9 nine years, what are your thoughts on the current state of the industry and where do you see things progressing? Where’s the positive progress coming from, and where do you think there’s some room for improvement?

M: I´m happy to live in a vibrant city and have plenty of opportunities on the weekends and even during the week even if I can´t use them as much as I would like to use them. There is always some room for more interesting Line-ups in my opinion. Furthermore I always imagine how great it would be if more clubs would work together and are less hostile, they could do so many amazing things together.

Kn: In the context of furtherance and evolution, are there any burning desires to incite an attack on new projects or challenges you’ve recently invested thought in?


M: Always improving my skills and knowledge and the rest remain quiet.

Kn: You’re also currently undertaking an event management degree at university. In what capacity do you see yourself applying that knowledge? Do you see any opportunities that you’d like to discuss?

M: I step up to my third semester in media management (music & event) in April. As mentioned before, I went through a lot of changes during the last years and I think now, I found something that I always wanted to do. I have been working for years in that area as a lay person and the practical skills I´ve earned over the years are really useful. Im not sure yet, where the journey goes when I´m finished as there are plenty of opportunities after my degree. Will see : )

Kn: The reason we’re having this conversation is due to your imminent debut Australian tour. What are you mostly looking forward to? Tell us how you’re preparing for the tour and what we can expect?

M: I´m thinking about my selection on vinyls I will bring for the tour and I cant wait to play all of them. And yet I´m looking forward to meet all the great people again which I met last summer in Berlin and discovering also a bit of the cities and rural areas between my gigs. AND : I can´t wait to try the infamous deep fried ice-cream ; )

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Mareena Plays:

Friday 7th March BRISBANE
LGM & KANA present Mareena (Parallel/Tresor Berlin) at Bowler Bar
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Saturday 8th March SYDNEY
4our Events presents Mareena (Parallel / Tresor Berlin)
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Friday 15th March MELBOURNE
Silo Presents Mareena at New Guernica
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