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Tripeo – ‘Anipintiros’ – Darko Esser’s first LP undercover.

February 17th, 2014  |  Published in News

Darko Esser




ARTIST(S): Tripeo (Darko Esser)
LABEL: Tripeo

After a pretty heavy tour schedule last year, including a pretty inspiring Australian debut showing, things just keep moving from strength to strength for the dutch artist Darko Esser. His second LP, and his first under the Tripeo guise, as well as releases & remixes on Theory, BALANS, Pole Group, Deep Sound Channel, it cements that notion fairly solidly. To be honest, rarely does an LP have at least half of its compositions grab your attention in a big way, but this one does it, so it comes as no surprise that it’s getting a lot of playtime at our desks.

APRIL 13 is the date you need to be across.

Track list –

A1 Anipintiros #1
A2 Anipintiros #2
B1 Anipintiros #3
B2 Anipintiros #4
C1 Anipintiros #5
C2 Anipintiros #6
D1 Anipintiros #7
D2 Anipintiros #8