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Giorgio Gigli & Obtane – Perception Through Dissonance

September 20th, 2013  |  Published in News

















ARTIST(S): Giorgio Gigli, Obtane, Rrose
TITLE: Perception Through Dissonance
LABEL: Prosthetic Pressings
RELEASE DATE: September/October

This record is another collaboration between Gigli and Obtane, the founders of Zooloft Records. They’ve released some quality music together since the imprint commenced, and as ‘Industrial Assaults’ winds up it’s self medicated coma, it pushes you into those corners we often find ourselves in every now and then as that last record fades.The Rrose remix lines itself up with a similar reenactment of its original assailant. The three track release closes with ‘Ambient Drama’, a low slung soundtrack to reckless prescription medicine abuse – Preview

Tracklist –

Giorgio Gigli & Obtane – Industrial Assaults
Giorgio Gigli & Obtane – Industrial Assaults (Rrose Remix)
Giorgio Gigli & Obtane – Ambient Drama