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Planetary Assault Systems – No Exit

August 24th, 2013  |  Published in News

ARTIST(S): Planetary Assault Systems
LABEL: Mote Evolver
RELEASE DATE: September 16 (“12 and digital)

Luke Slater is one of the few heavy weight techno producers that have been around for some time that continue to reinvent themselves, and actually do it successfully. This EP seems as though it’s an additional instalment to the PAS ‘The Messenger’ LP, so if you want an apt indication, you’ve got it. The heavy tunnelling, space themed loops riddle both sides and it’s getting a fair amount of attention already. There’s no preview available yet, but you’ll want this one.


– Planetary Assault Systems – No Exit
– Planetary Assault Systems – Undertow
– Planetary Assault Systems – Nanendi