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Jorge Bule & Hunab – Hera EP

July 4th, 2013  |  Published in News

ARTIST(S): Jorge Bule, Hunab
LABEL: Apparent Horizon

So many varying vibes across this release without it coming across as disjointed. “Rods from God” commences proceedings with a track mirroring a stripped back broken interpretation of Damon Wild, Regis and co. circa 2004, “Helios” is the one that’s getting a lot of attention that feels like the heavy press and presence of Speedy J cut in half by DeepChord. “Hera” is a sparser, fractured piece that I’d find more use as a tool to be honest, albeit a good one, and “Sinus” rounds out the B side with a rhythm that you could mistakingly find on Axis.

Great release – Preview

Run sheet –

A1. Jorge Bule – Rods from god
A2. Jorge Bule – Helios 1
B1. Hunab – Ixtab
B2. Hunab – Sinus