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Ryuichi Sakamoto “THREE” – Digital International Release

June 15th, 2013  |  Published in News

His work alongside Fennesz stands as some of the most amazingly haunting music you’ll come across, so putting some time aside for this release certainly wouldn’t be a waste of time irrespective of your own reflective conclusion. This record gave birth in autumn 2011 whilst on tour with cellist Jacques Morelenbaum, and violinist Judy Kan. Shortly afterwards recording commenced in Porto, Portugal. The album “THREE” will be released digitally Monday June 17th on Decca Records except in France, Germany, Australia, U.S.A., and Japan.

Run sheet –

1. Happy End
2. The Last Emperor
3. Bibo No Aozora
4. High Heels
5. Seven Samurai
6. A Flower is not a Flower
7. Still life in A
8. Nostalgia
9. Tango
10. Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence
11. Ichimei (Harakiri – Death of a Samurai)
12. Tamago 2004
13. Parolibre