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The Gods Planet – Steered by Claudio PRC & Ness

May 10th, 2013  |  Published in News

ARTIST: The Gods Planet

Beautiful textures and chaotic marching. The new EP under the guise of ‘The Gods Planet’ is a breath of fresh air, even from two artists that seem to consistently reinvent their own take on electronica. If tours synchronise for this duo, it’ll be pretty special if this presentation makes its way around the world. Unfortunately we don’t have a release date for this one yet but hopefully it isn’t too far away. In the mean time – Preview

Tracklist –

Memories Of A Distant Planet (Intro) 6.34
Entrance Of The Gods (Initiation) 9.29
Fight For Existence (Arming) 10.54
Spaces Like This (Announcement) 7.34
TGP Bar (Insert) 0.34
The Runaways (Way Out) 5.46
Radio Universe (Outro) 6.4