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Hubble set to unleash Reverse Utopia

December 3rd, 2012  |  Published in News

Catalog: SICCD001
Artists: Hubble
Title: Reverse Utopia
Format: CD Only

1. No Place
2. Chia
3. Domus
4. Dreamers
5. I Think About You All The Time
6. Everything By Chance

Bonus Tracks
7. India
8. Dreamers Revisited
9. Disingenous Statement
10. Love & Revolution

It’s no surprise that we’d be featuring news from the ever talented Hubble. Not only is he one of our favourite artists, but we also had the honour of hosting one of his expeditions here on Kana Broadcast 017.

Hubble, is with no doubt, one of the most impressive and original artists popped up from the underground Berlin scene, in the latest couple of years.

His set and his productions are becoming a small event for a growing crew of followers, and this is a contagious phenomenon.
During his Dj Sets, the different way of mixing, or maybe better to say remixing, and his music research combined are becoming his trademark.

As a natural sequel of “Forget Me Not” his first album on Archipel, after several releases already out or in preparation on labels such Haknam, Prologue and of course the limited series of SLEEP IS COMMERCIAL, “Reverse Utopia” represent a step back from the dance floor, and a journey into soft atmospheres created by mellow pads enriched with acoustic and organic sounds, sometimes played live, as the cymbals sessions recorded with Tylo Alpmann.

The grooves are still defined but never obsessive and always balanced with the other elements of the tracks.

The album release on CD only, is compose from 6 tracks around 10:00 minutes each (at least), and is completed from a 4 bonus tracks pack, downloadable trough a link you can only find in the booklet of “Reverse Utopia”.

Including master pieces as “I Think About You All The Time” and “Domus”, “Reverse Utopia” is a great composition from Hubble, that push the boundaries of his chill out techno to the very high level and shows us the research and the attitude of the artist, that represent and confirm the sophisticate and complete taste of the creative collective he´s part of.

Next big thing.

Artwork: Alessandro Baldoni

Release date unknown. Visit Sleep Is Commercial for more info