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Kana Broadcast 036 NSI

September 26th, 2012  |  Published in Kana Broadcast

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Crafty, industrial medication is considered a justifiable vice, even more so this week. We’re with nsi. – the collective partnership between ocular enclaves and deep incursions into chemical outposts.  That’s our take on the approach both Tobias Freund and Max Loderbauer make in every live performance and recording.  Dead tones, experimental forays into guitar sampling and promenades implicated in a processing scandal – “If any single word sums up NSI, it’s eccentricity: not the sense of being weird for the sake of weirdness, but in its spatial, elliptical connotation, as deviating from a circular path.”

We’ll have to wind back to 2005’s debut release on Cadenza titled ‘Max Binski’ to get a foot on the collaborative origins.  The red shifts that rattle the cross roads are intricate and it’s aided the work across their own self titled imprint.  It also brings us to today.  Stroboscopic Artefacts hosts the next instalment in the Stellate sequence with ‘Unexpected’ and ‘Undeserved’ so if you’re not across it already – check it here.  Both Xhin and Kangding Ray court the record as apt accomplices in a beautifully themed interpretation of the soundtrack to failing surveillance drones.

This broadcast makes a serious pass on your own consciousness.  It traces the world they envisage.

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