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Regen’s Forthcoming EP on Harry Klein

August 19th, 2012  |  Published in News

Label: Harry Klein Records
Title: Harry Klein 007
Release Date: September 7th, 2012


A1. Spring Toy
B1. Lindberg
B2. Shudder
Digital Bonus. Limetew

Since we hosted Regen’s exceptional Kana Broadcast 032, he’s been busy manufacturing odysseys and touring. And rightly so. His forthcoming EP delivers an uncompromising excursion that asserts itself alongside the growing number of releases and artists on the label.

Spring Toy is an elegant A-side crafted with classic house influences in mind. Meandering casually before beginning its ascent into deepspace territory, Detroit styled synth lines and intricate melodies hang above a funky undertone which hooks from the off. Continuing its cosmic trajectory, the EP’s B-sides set their coordinates into dub techno regions. Lindberg’s quirky astral synths and futuristic soundscape trigger a dream-like state…think sci-fi beams and interplanetary navigation and you’re half way there. Shudder is a more up-tempo sonic excursion, propelled by its galloping techno rhythms. The ebb and flow of trippy pads and crystalline waves play to the senses. Elsewhere, somewhere between the realms of deep melodic house and techno, Limetew adds a sense of the mystical, leaving a sweet resounding echo in its wake.

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