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Deepchord opens the door on new long player + free track

August 10th, 2012  |  Published in News


Label: Soma Records
Release date: August 27 2012

We were lucky enough to host one of the best mixes out last year in the form of DeepChord’s Kana Broadcast 022 so the news that a fresh project titled ‘Sommer’ should be made available this month is something we’ll definitely be all over. For those looking for some (free) material NOW, we’re going to pass you over to Soma’s Soundcloud – DeepChord – Jeanneau

Tracklist –

01. Glow
02. Aquatic
03. Cruising Towards Dawn
04. The Universe as a Hologram
05. Beneteau
06. Fourier
07. Aeronautics
08. Flow-Induced Vibrations
09. Spring Mist
10. Amber
11. Alfama
12. Gliding
13. Wind Farm