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Edanticonf – Forest Echo [SSD07]

July 30th, 2012  |  Published in News


A deep incursion into Hamburg, Germany and one of the most enigmatic releases of 2012 to reside on the Silent Season imprint, surely. Mastered by Neel at EnissLab Studio in Rome.


1. Overture 05:18
2. Planet 08:00
3. Clouds 06:26
4. Drome 06:24
5. Forest Echo 07:54
6. The Quiet of Autumn 07:16
7. The Perspective from the Seafront 07:12
8. Self Portrait 07:06
9. Night Walk 07:52
10. Forest Echo (Iori Reshape)

“Really sounding great your album I liked it very much!!!” (Iori)

“Beautiful album! I really like it! All the logic of how it evolves is very well structured and your style is well defines! Great Job, I’ll send it to Donato Dozzy as well!” (Claudio PRC – Prologue)

“Fuck, this is awesome…” (passEnger – Ai Records)