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Kana Interview with Aril Brikha

March 6th, 2012  |  Published in Interviews & Articles

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It’s been some 14 years since the release of Brikha’s Groove La Chord and it’s been a continuous period of achievement and demading presence that’s seen his studio work and live performances parading effortlessly across the world.  The inspiration fuelled by the likes of Depeche Mode, Front 242 and Jean Michel Jarre from the younger years set an unprecedented substratum and if we were to discern his perspective on tomorrow we’d find ourselves reinventing and standing at the gates of an intricate renaissance.

Moving towards the commencent of another Australian tour, we’re taking some time this week to dicipher what’s becoming an ever fluctuating transit comprised of the haunting atmospheres most commonly associated with the soldiers that reside in the fortifications of aesthetic decadence.

Kn:  “Art Of Vengeance” is now home to all of your original material.  A conscious departure from releasing on an array of various labels no doubt.  What was the main motivation behind starting your own imprint and what plans and aspirations do you have for the imprint in the near future?

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AB:  Basically having more control over my music in all its aspects, the sound, the choice of tracks and the artwork.  The plan for now is to just keep releasing ep’s with a theme/city/subject…something that has inspired me.  I’m also listening to other peoples stuff but nothing confirmed at the moment.  The idea of the label is to release anything I like so it’s not like the label will only have a certain sound, I already tried to show that by the first 3 releases.

Kn:  You’ve been producing for many years now – since the age of 16.  What currently inspires you to keep forging the path you’ve been on all these years?  Where do you see the momentum of your soul taking you from here?

AB:  I am, as usual, all over the place when it comes to styles.  One day I feel like making melodic stuff, another banging techno and another more downtempo disco/italo/deep-house…it’s a mess!  I don’t really plan what to make, I let my mood and inspiration guide me… with the help of my ears. 
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Kn:  2011 was a healthy year in terms of remixes and releases on your new imprint.  What projects are you currently conceptualising and bringing to fruition?

AB:  Something connected to japan, something connected to detroit… more info will follow when I have it all planned out with the final artwork and such.  I’m also trying different co-ops with vocal stuff, remixes of non-techno tracks… just trying to keep things interesting for myself.  But I’m definitely putting out 2 more ep’s this year and some remixes seem to be on their way; stay tuned!

Kn:  Since your highly publicised tour in 2008, technologies have shifted and emerged.  What has changed since then in your approach to live performance, your live setup and in the delivery of your live set, which for the most part is unrehearsed?  What should Australian shores expect this time round in celebration of your ‘Deeparture In Time’ tour?

AB:  Well the main difference was already made 2006 when I switched from hardware set-up to my laptop based one.  I’m still doing the laptop live-set but just like with the hardware, I don’t have any arrangements, bridges, track order or anything prepared.  Each sound is separated, kick, hihats, snares, percussion, basslines, chords… everything.  I’m the one controlling, launching and manipulating the songs and the order of them as I go along.  So, I don’t really know what people can expect, the crowd and feedback I get is as a big part of my live-set as my own input is.
Aril Brikha Pic colour_590Kn: As we transition into 2012, are there many aspirations in life that you still have your heart set on achieving?

AB:  Just try to find inspiration again, it’s hard when you have to be creative all the time with music.  You can’t help but think rather than just feel.  I try to do whatever sound I feel like but at the end of the day I get bored of doing 4/4 tech/house whatever.  As I mentioned, I have been starting to talk and work with other people at this point and something I have never done is working with other producers or musicians.  I’m tired of sitting home alone making music.  I’m going to try the “band” thing…

Aril appears this weekend 10th March for the LGM crew at Bar Soma, Brisbane, Australia.

Links:  Art of Vengeance  /  Facebook  /  Myspace  /  Beatport  /  Discogs

Tour Dates:
Friday 9th March – Royal Melbourne Hotel, Melbourne
Saturday 10th March – Bar Soma, Brisbane
Sunday 11th March – The Clubhouse, Canberra
Saturday 17th March – One22, Sydney