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Kana Broadcast 028 Luis Ruiz

February 16th, 2012  |  Published in Kana Broadcast  |  1 Comment

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As this weeks broadcast goes live, the night lights of Buenos Aires will be collectively instating a crusade on it’s streets, though it is in the concrete fields of this vibrant municipal where our guest this week has fortified himself.  From a young age procuring the hardware that has sustained an experimental mentality, it’s now been 17 years of commitment that’s facilitated the plastering of his work across flagship imprints such as M_Rec and an establishment defined as his own, Subsequent Records LTD.

As a consequence, some care should be administered to any inferred invitations these parades endure, and although only a relatively diminutive period of time has elapsed since the releases of ‘Atlantis’ and ‘Anunnuki Invasion’, it’s the derivatives of this work that implicate the cosmos in a mythological crises which doesn’t appear to be concluding in this life.  Perhaps In a world where ancient surrealism pervades. 

We’re with Luis Ruiz.

Kn:  Can you tell us about your life growing up, how your path proceeded the way it has and what impacted your own evolution?

LR:  If we speak about evolution, we have to give a brief overview of achievements and important things.  I think that foremost in my life has been to differentiate the present trends, socially established in the current Techno, studying the times in which we live.  The growth in my career has been slow during these 17 years as a producer, always in the underground, with a low profile.  From an early age I liked to program synthesis, patterns and play with knobs, sliders, faders.  The key has been studying my equipment, synthesis and Midi systems.

My music has an unconventional face in these times where “everything” sounds modern, and has lost the roots of Techno.  But my greatest conviction is to keep intact that old school sound that I love.  True to my roots coming from Detroit and Berlin’s ‘90s true real techno.  The conviction that grew in my life was to believe, defend and keep alive the techno spirit.  It is what I call real evolution, have a mental awakening, a connection to a higher plane of existence that I get only with techno.

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Kn:  The scene in Buenos Aires at the moment – is it moving in the right direction? Is there a general trend at the moment you’d like to see more of, or perhaps one you’d like to see less of?

LR:  Not good at all. Currently the scene is too divided, badly. There’s a few techno events (modern minimal-techno so-called “techno”, and things related to today’s false techno, something that bores me about that trend).  But occasionally, I have the chance to play at an underground event in some dark basement.  I love those places with few lights.

I remember the best times in Buenos Aires were in the 90’s, at a mythical club called “K2” with a “rave” spirit, there was a place for fast beats in techno.  Today we lost that.  Unfortunately the people follow the fashion and trends.  I hope that changes soon, even in the underground.

Kn:  Your recent LP ‘Atlantis’ featured a few great tracks that is quite different to what you’ve been producing of late.  Was the approach to the album slightly different?  Was it an opportunity to experiment on different tangents?

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LR:  Atlantis is my purist side as the old school that I talk about.  100% Detroit oriented melodic, emotional and deep as I could express my most sensitive form.  Many of the titles were taken from my studies of ancient cultures, themes of anthropology, history, philosophy, literature, quantum physics, cosmology and astronomy… often issues influential in my daily life.  I have been strongly influenced by our creators, those who from heaven to earth came…

The album was thinking from the beginning as something different than I had been published, with a concept that motivated me to write and produce music together.  Not only expose my musical ideas that range from melodic to ambient, but also the ability to develop and expand my ideas about the history of humanity and civilization, his evolution, organization and the level of technology reached… in the titles, the album name can be seen.

Kn:  Speaking of tangents – are there any left of centre projects you’ve been considering that are quite different to what you’ve already achieved?  Where you would be able to express yourself in a more expansive dimension?

LR:  I am experimenting with Ambient, and sci-fi style.  Also some aspect, and desire to do some electro with a tr-808.  I have don’t have an AKA but I produce under my own name different genres, for example my album, a free download on Teskoba “The Tragedy EP” is an ambient work.  It is precisely in these experimental styles where I have more room to manifest intellectually, and give a MESSAGE with my music (something more important than programming techniques or mixing methods, mastering, equipment, etc).

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Kn:  You’re leaving Buenos Aires in a few weeks – what’s the plan and schedule looking like?  What can we expect in 2012 after the immensely successful year that preceded it?

LR:  Yes, Europe is the place where I want go.  Playing in some events (I hope in some dark basement).  2012 just started for me and I’m feeling the change of age to the next one.  I had a great start in Warm Up Recordings with a remix of Oscar Mulero.  My big satisfaction will be my first vinyl release on my label Subsequent Records LTD.  Waiting for the release date and analyzing the impact of it.  I have in mind to do other releases, with people from the old school, personalities of the past 20 years.

Links:  Soundcloud  /  Luis Ruiz  /  Beatport

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