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Kana Interview with Paco Osuna

December 6th, 2011  |  Published in Interviews & Articles

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For a lot of people, it’d feel like yesterday since our interview guest found his feet at the footsteps of Amnesia, Ibiza.  Though as techno and electronica developed over the years and time marched on accordingly, he’s not only participated in the movement, he’s been a pivotal catalyst.  Furthermore, it’s given birth to a procession of heavily fortified releases which more than justified his inclusion on Cocoon’s booking roster.  Now some would argue to themselves, and rightly so, that taking a breath and finding contentment in such an achievement would put their aspirations at ease, though it only served as a direct mandate to continue a digital altercation.
Paco Osuna’s words and performances have never fallen on deaf ears, so it comes as no surprise our interview allocation shuts doors and sheds a glimpse of light on fresh projects.

Kn:  Your early days playing as a resident at Amnesia in Ibiza must of been very exciting times for you as an emerging artist.  Where do you draw most of you inspiration from these days?

PO:  Day to day I was looking at what the other djs played, it did’t matter what style of music, each dj that was spinning showed me something.  It was a great experience to be part of Amnesia during that period, because I learned how to make people dance and also I learned a lot about different styles of music.

Kn:  You’ve had some big releases on labels such as Plus 8 along with the growing success of your own Mindshake imprint.  What’s coming up next in your release schedule and what plans do you have for developing the label?

PO:  Well, the schedule depends on the gigs.  I am the kind of person that needs to be seated in the studio and relaxed to produce and right now I have so many gigs that once I arrive home I don’t feel like going to the studio to produce.  But as soon as I have had a couple of days to relax I work on it;  hopefully soon I will be focused again on studio time. 

About Mindshake, the idea is to develop the label as much as possible, with parties, new artist, etc… Mindshake is like my little son and as I say before it has to grow up.

mindshake_logo_590Kn:  Any plans for a Paco Osuna Album?

PO:  Yes, very soon I have in mind to work on that, probably after the break I am going to have in January and in February I will be producing a lot and I hope what I do will be good enough to release an album, but what I can say is my album is not going to be for dancefloor, maybe 1-2 tracks but not more, it will be more for listen.

Paco Osuna 2011_1 by Jordi Carot_390Kn:  Technology has made it possible to stretch ideas without limiting one’s imagination.  Tell us about your new hybrid DJ/Live set up and how it allows you to translate your ideas to produce dynamic sets?

PO:  I dont know, my dj sets always depend on the crowd and the atmosphere.  Sometimes I do sets where I focus more on the music than on the effects and sometimes I do sets creating crazy effects all the time.  It depends on the crowd but I always try to use the technology for the maximum possibilities, because for that it was created and I like not to be obvious and to surprise people with new things.

Kn:  You had quite a busy touring schedule with your Mindshake fall tour.  Tell us why this tour was so special for you?

PO:  It was very special because I had a few people with me recording on video at all times, all the nights and all the gigs, for a project I have in mind for 2012. I will announce this soon!!

Also, every time I am in US it is very special for me, I love that country and the scene there.


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Tour Dates December 2011: 

07.12.11 | BCM, Mallorca. Spain
10.12.11 | Kama Kama, Tuscany. Italy
16.12.11 | Proyecto, Guimaraes. Portugal
22.12.11 | Goa, Rome. Italy
23.12.11 | Kristal Club, Bucharest. Hungary
24.12.11 | Eventual Music 2011, Mallaga. Spain
25.12.11 | Memento Night at Refresh, Padova. Italy
26.12.11 | Pygmalio, Dublin. Ireland
31.12.11 | Paco Osuna 5hr Set at Club 4, Barcelona. Spain