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Kana Broadcast 011 Claudio PRC

September 22nd, 2011  |  Published in Kana Broadcast  |  4 Comments

An upbringing that’s led to the emotive and darker side of electronica isn’t something that you’d often correlate with a small Italian town, but this weeks guest does just that.   In his own words, an early term of isolation has furthered his vista on not just life, but digital ingenuity and experimentation, which has led him to one of the most successful labels on the planet – Prologue. His tours of late have encompassed much of the globe and his releases more than justify his exposure.   Break a mirror and run a surveillance system through it whilst it’s riddled with subtle aesthetics and you still wouldn’t be placing his work in the context of rectitude.
You’re with Claudio PRC.


Voices From The Lake Feat Donato Dozzy & Neel – Drop 3 [From Drops EP, PRG020]
Mike Parker – FWD (Donato Dozzy Remix) [From Subterranean Liquid EP, PRG017]
Ness & Rasmus Hedlund – Punto Kokus [From Border Crossing EP, PRGDIG009]
Cassegrain – Lop-Nor [From Dropa EP, PRG 021]
Juho Kahilainen – Black Stream [Prophet Without A Vision EP, PRG002]
Cio D’ Or – Wirbelkraft [From Magnetfluss EP, PRG022]
Iori – Time Hole [From Light Echo EP, PRGDIG005]
Claudio PRC – Empty Circle [From Vacuum Substance EP, PRGDIG004]
Dino Sabatini – Tethys [From Daughter Of Phorcys Recall EP, PRG013]
Giorgio Gigli – Spazio [From Magnetic Fild EP, PRG003]
Terence Fixmer & Claudio PRC – Lunar Forest [From Planetary Phase EP, PRG018]
Not From Earth – The Origin Soundscape [From The Origin EP, PRGDIG008]

Kn:   Growing up in a smaller Italian town far from what was being exposed in likes of detroit, where did your initial inspiration for music come from or did you express the creativity and experiment in other mediums prior?

C:   The answer is in the question.   The initial inspiration definitely comes from the fact that I live in a small Italian town, pretty dull, distant from the most important center of electronic music today.   I think that making music is a way to escape from this reality, the inspiration comes from what happens around me.   Anyway live in this place is not a negative thing for me, indeed.   I make the music that I make because I live here, if I had lived somewhere else I would have done something different for sure, and I’m pretty happy with what I do.   Today I give form to my creativity with the music, with Techno because it is more then a type of music, is a pure mental state, yesterday with painting and maybe tomorrow with something else.   The important thing is to express yourself always, to say in any way your own opinion about life, otherwise I’d feel like a dead man.
Claudio Prc – The Achromorphe

Kn:   The sound you’ve pushed as an artist is definitely more on the experimental front of techno.   What role does the concept of “experimentation” play when you’re in the studio?

C:   Definitely a primary role.   This concerning not only the music.   Is primary because it is part of my personality.   I’ve never been attracted to simple classic things.   I grew up trying to have a more personal view of things through the experimentation of the classical ones, for example regarding the question of how music sounds and what kind of emotions comes from a traditional sound when I try to change its features, try and find new paths becomes a natural process, and most of the time is gratifying.


Kn:   Staying on the production front, it’s obvious in your own production you’ve thrown a lot of ideas around and grabbed inspiration from a variety of sources, do you feel as though there’s not enough of that being done at the moment in the global electronic scene, if so do you think it’s more so laziness or a fear of losing touch with what seems popular?

C:   As for me personally I’m just doing my own way which is obviously influenced by what I hear and I like.   I try to give a unique and authentic personality to my music, to me in general.   It’s like having your own smell, each has its own.   So it should be for the music.   Each one is special for what is, thinks and does.   I notice that the problem is the hurry more than laziness, I also have been a victim in the past.   Many people choose one that is apparently the easiest way to success, for the popularity, regardless of the fact that they aren’t building anything for themselves and for others.   Be yourself always pays off.

Kn:   It’s this sort of sound that has no doubt led you to Prologue and you’ve collaborated with other artists like Cio D’or and Svart1.   Are you all on the same page when it comes to producing music when you’re in the studio together and how do you adapt when you’re collaborating?

C:   There is a strong energy between me and the artists with whom I worked.   The occasion when we were physically in the same studio to do a collaboration was rare, we worked through the internet, but it was not a problem when you are in the same wave length, when you are in tune with others, nothing is difficult.   The same happens with my home label Prologue.   We are closely related, we have same ideas and tastes and we live in our same family.

Kn:   You’ve got a huge schedule coming up with bookings from Spain to Tokyo shortly, is there anything else you’d like to share or let us know about on your own front that we should keep an eye out for?   Any other thoughts on electronic life etc?

C:   I traveled a lot this year thanks to the great work of Alexandra, my booking manager, and all the friends that invited me.   I had the opportunity to perform in various cities in the world, discover new places and meet wonderful people.   Most of these travel were life experiences that made me grow up, that allowed me to compare myself with someone different.   I hope this keep in the time and hope to come for the first time in Australia soon.   Next October I will perform for the first time in Berlin, at Berghain, for the Prologue label night with Cio D’ Or, Dino Sabatini and Mike Parker.   About my music I can officially say that my first debut album is ready and it will see the light in the early 2012 on Prologue.   So stay tuned!

Links:    Claudio PRC / Prologue
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