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Exclusive Kana Chart – Joris Voorn – Unreleased (July, 2009)

July 17th, 2009  |  Published in Charts

In the lead up to the Balance video interview coming to Kana shortly, Joris was kind enough to share his top 10 favourite unreleased tunes of the moment, exclusively for the Kana audience.

01.  Joris Voorn – We’re All Clean – Rejected (Unreleased)

– New track of my up coming Dusty House Room 2 EP.  It’s very disco, but it rocks every crowd I play it to.
It has a sample that goes One, Two, Three.. So some might recognise it from my recent sets.

02.  Dosem – Beach Kisses (Joris Voorn Green Mix) – Green (Unreleased)

– The next EP on my own Green label, with my own remix of Dosem’s beautiful Beach Kisses track. It’s a bit edgy, in the sense that it sounds a little trancy, but with an open mind without predudice this is a great track!

03.  Edwin Oosterwal – Dusty House Room 3 – Rejected (Unreleased)

– Edwin’s secret tapes coming to live on the dancefloors… More about this soon!

04.  Deetron – Maindish – Music Man (Unreleased)

– Very strong new track from my good friend Deetron. This brings the soul back into techno!

05.  Steve Bug – Swallowed Too Much Bass (Joris Voorn Too Much Tape Delay Mix) – Poker Flat (Unreleased)

– Recent remix I did for Steve Bug, has a groovy basis, with a memorable break! Not much more than a nice tool, but very effective!

06.  Joris Voorn – Chase The Mouse – Rejected (Unreleased)

– The other track of my upcoming Dusty House EP. Summer tune….

07.  Samuel L Session – Can You Relate (Joris Voorn Flooding The Market With Remixes) – Soma Recordings

– Slightly ironic remix I did for SLS.

08.  Joris Voorn – Spank The Maid – Rejected (Unreleased)

– Spank it! Again, Dusty House music…

09.  Rejected – Peanut – Figure (Unreleased)

– A track Edwin and me have been working on 2 years ago, only got release just now, that’s how things go these days. Still works pretty well on the dancefloor though!

10.  Dj Madskillz – Tiramisu – Remote Area (Unreleased)

– Madskillz is mad, that’s all I can say..