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Make your social networking easier with Twhirl &

June 1st, 2009  |  Published in Tutorials


Just a quick post tonight to share a neat little application I’ve been using to make my twittering, facebooking etc etc all the more simpler.

Twhirl allows me to link in myspace and facebook through the Ping.FM service and posts all my tweets right onto my facebook status as well as myspace (status or microblog) and of course my main twitter page. They are both free services of course and mean I don’t have to open up 3 different websites to post information to my networks.

There’s many more services you can add to Ping.FM like youtube accounts, bebo, linkedin etc, so you can really get things consolidated. The only drawback is you are duplicating the information onto each site, so things can get a bit monotonous if people are following you on more than one profile.

Check them both out, I promise you it will make life that little bit easier for you.

….And of course, if you really want to follow me you can do that too:  Adam on twitter