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The End closing party was fun for some!

February 3rd, 2009  |  Published in Gig Reviews, Gigs, News  |  2 Comments

This popped up on The End’s official gallery after their holy-of-mollies closing party that went for a stagering 24hours!! There were serious reports of people cueing up for more that 8 hours so I know a few happy campers that managed to skip through the guest entry in like.. 10mins! Nice!

From all accounts, despite the expected Massive turnout, this was a party like non-other and the goodvibes were shared by all. With any luck we’ll get a personal account from Simon or Jim but I’ll leave you with this picture to work out what they might say!

Respect to the End, you’ll be missed.


  • Jim

    Heya Jim here!

    Well Adz, I think the pic says it all mate (Im the one with my hands on my head of course lol). I think by that stage, Simon (in the blue) and me were right behind the famously centered DJ Booth, absorbing the amazing vibe that Ben Watt was creating. What an amazing night though! More of a tease really, considering we’re never going to be able to return. From memory, upon arrival we could see the the density of the main line up for the club which was huge by all accounts. After a cheeky 10 minute line up (cheers Simon) we finally got into AKA and found out pretty quickly how packed out the club was going to get. We all knew it was worth it offcourse. Weaving through to the main room the first track to be heared was of course “The End” by The Doors which was nicley mixed into the sexy – deep sounds of Sir Watt. Mr c was the next to take the booth, followed of course by Layo & Bushwaka! The boys looked nothing short of happy even though this was the last night they would play to a faithful crowd of hundreds in their own club. A nice opening tech remix of “Dare” by the Gorillaz sent the crowd through the roof. It is from here on in that memory escapes me so Simon may have a better understanding of Laurent Gardnier closing set??? All in all, one (almost) unforgettable night…

    • Adamg

      Jim!! Top effort matey. Thanks very much for your snapshot of that auspicious night, I’m sure our readers are thankful!
      I’ll get Sy to fill in the rest, mind you a little birdee told me he wasnt around for much longer once Garnier got on the decks, lol.
      Hope your flight back to Oz was a smooth one,
      All the best,