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Boost your screen space with a USB powered 7″ Touch Screen

February 19th, 2009  |  Published in Hardware and Software Reviews

The time is fast approaching when open-source programmers and affordable hardware combine to make the ultimate customizable dj setup at a very affordable price. Until that day inevitably arrives (when we all have exactly what we want right at our finger tips for every performance) you can start yourself towards that dream with one (or many) of these babies.

Mimo have just released their very affordable 7″ Touch Screen for a meagre $199US. Hosting a resolution of 840×400 and powered by USB, not only is it super light at 600 grams but it has a rotatable screen so you could use it equally well for sequencing as for menu browsing!

I can think of several great uses for a light weight screen like this:

– Keep plugin windows open & out of the way for quick adjustment to non-assigned parameters & preset navigation

– Emulate a Kaoss pad type system for fancy effects

– Have a dedicated browser screen to free up your main screen for more important items

– Can’t afford a Lemur and think an iPod is tacky? Setup your own touch-screen midi controller with the MonoTouch software in style!! It’s only $29US, so thats under $230US for your own Lemur… Nice!

Of course, you can use this for many mroe purposes like triggering visual clips and multi-tasking at your day-job, but thats upto you to decide.

Think you’ve got some great alternative uses for a 7″ touch screen in a performance related environment, let us know by commenting at the bottom!