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Top 5 blogs on music production and djing

January 28th, 2009  |  Published in News  |  16 Comments

To start off 2009 with some music related reading here is a list of what i’d say are the top 5 blogs to read about music production and dj technology. Not every blog has the most technical information to share, but sometimes thats entirely the point. Have a read and maybe you’ll get some inspiration or insight you never saw coming.
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Happy reading, 
by contributors actively involved in the music industry
very good tutorials for thinking creatively about sound
by Ean Golden & contributors
number one watch for the digital dj
by Ian Shepard
a regular contributor for Sound on Sound (.com)
by Beatport & contributors
tutorials are at a very basic level but there’s some good conversations with major artists which has good value. Worth following anyway.
by Peter Kim
not everything is tutorial based, but some valuable information here also
  • Dri

    Nice call on Create Digital Music :) A couple there i havent seen too. Excellent!

  • Adamg

    Totally Dave, CDM is a good read, albeit a little on the tech side occasionally :)

  • Garrett

    The best place for me to find audio production tips is youtube. Just search for your favorite producers and there is usually some in studio footage of them.

  • Terrell

    I would agree with Peter… valuable information.

  • 2infamouz – Home Studio Guides

    some good ones, theres hundreds of em out there

  • Mr. Pad Hitter

    I’ve got one to add to the list:! I’m there all the time

  • Dave

    Good new one to add to the list:

  • Jordan Metra

    youtube has some great production tips but there are some other good ones out there.

  • gnxmusic

    Beat has tons of great DAW stuff, especially if your into the EDM genre. Another one that i like although not as deep with tutorials is

  • 2infamouz – Home Studio Guides

    All good ones. You forgot 😛

  • jayyne

    nice, another good site is

  • Jamie Huff

    A new site that is up coming is

  • Cat 5

    Best site for all type of computer hardware.

  • LAN Wiring

    Blog has the foremost technical data to share, however generally thats entirely the purpose. tutorials area unit at a really basic level.

  • Susan

    My current favorite is!

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