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First show of 2009…wow!!! Kana Show #10

January 21st, 2009  |  Published in Kana Show

To all that tuned in,

I wish to extend a MASSIVE thankyou for the insane response to the monday before last’s show. From a brilliant beginning on The Alternative Show, through some very nice minimal with Martin Ash, and lastly the unrelenting audience tuned right to the end of my show 35minutes over at 10:40!!! Wow!

I had to literally take my hands OFF the mixer and watch the track run out as the chat room wasn’t going to let me leave! ¬†I haven’t seen so many people tuned in right to the end, let alone such enthusiasm to hear More Music!!

Best show i’ve done yet!! And that’s entirely to do with all of you who were there making for such a welcoming environment. Once again Kick106 shows its true colours and its quite obvious why I am still there!¬†¬†Grin Grin Grin

Many thanks and if you missed it you can download it below (without the mic over the top).

Respect & good times,

:::Heres the link to the set on Monday night 12th Jan 2009.


Ludovic Vendi – Push (Original mix)
Kreon – Jauve (Original mix)
H.O.S.H. – Super sick bowl (Original mix)
Extrawelt – Trummerfeld (Oliver Huntemann remix)
Claro Intelecto – Round and round (Original mix)
Einmusik – Pearls (Original mix)
Hugo – Moneymaker (Original mix)
HENNON – Heart to ear (Original mix)
Beckers & Hatfield – You’re not me (Fiord remix)
Johan Ilves – Dead city (Ramon Tapia remix)
Extrawelt – Im garten von eben (Kaiserdisco kesse rippe mix)
Nicone – Everything so clear (Original mix)
Infusion – Dogtown (D-Nox & Beckers mix)
Moonbeam – Springstory (Original mix)
Ilario Alicante – Africa (Markus Fix and Robert Dietz remix)
Marco Bailey and Tom Hades – World of amphibian (Original mix)
Johan Ilves – Dead city (Alex Young remix)
Tomcraft – Naked on clouds (dub mix)
Mikalogic – Follow me (Original mix)
Moonbeam – Something alive (Original mix)
Twinbeat – Twinbeat (Dandi & Ugo remix)
Extrawelt – Aufnahmezustand (Original mix)
Chris Fortier – B-dub (Mark Broom remix)
H.O.S.H. – The valve (Original mix)
Binary Methods – Bubble Shuffle (Original mix)