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Ok Kana: September 27 (sunset)

August 20th, 2008  |  Published in Gigs

It’s that time of year again – Kana season.

We’re back with our first birthday. Ok Kana willl take place at an undisclosed innercity space of which the details will be made apparent within hours of it commencing at sunset via SMS to maintain the ideals of what the project is about.

From start to finish it will all be filmed and then edited with the emphasis on the space and the people. It’s BYO everything guys and when I mean everything I mean everything! Chuck in a couple of deck chairs and an esky and off we go! Keep your lines of communications open on that Saturday as that will be the most easily accessible source to attain the details.

DISCLAIMER: This party could be terminated at ANY TIME due to a number of contributing factors that may arise. An SMS mailout will inform those of you that are in contact if we’re no longer set. Please contact Leo or I to be placed on the SMS mailout. Musical support from Brisbane’s best in – Operon Mike Redfern Scott Walker SyFi Fuzion Leo Hede Elliot Clarke Last but not leaste…have fun guys and please use some common sense Sparing a thought for Adam that won’t be able to make this but is putting on kicking parties over in London with Kana branding- be sure to check out this space for more info.